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Dentists with High qualification and experience Curriculum vitae of Dr. József Németvölgyi

Dr. József Németvölgyi on Budapest Surgery pageI was born in Budapest-Hungary, in 1959.
I received my diploma at the Dentistry School of the Semmelweis Medical University, in 1983.
My first workplace was at the dentistry department of the Kisbéri Hospital.
I passed my special examine in 1985, the subject was illnesses of teeth and mouth.
Between 1983 and 1995, I healed my patients in Kisbér. In 1989, I was constituted as the dentist of the neighborhood.
I have joined Dental Expert Clinic in 1995, and I am still working here. Our environment is of high standard in every respect, and I have every possibility for the high-level working thanks to the modern offices.

Curriculum vitae of Dr. Zsolt Murvai

Dr. Zsolt Murvai on Budapest Surgery page I was born on the 3rd of July, 1976, at Segesvár. I began my higher studies in 1994, at the Medical University of Marosvásárhely. As a state scholar, my education continued at the Semmelweis Medical University's Dentistry School. I have received my diploma with a cum laude in 1999.
Between 1999 and 2002, I continued my special studies at the Post-graduate School of the Economics University, Budapest.
I have been the specialist of Dental Expert Clinic since 1999. Thanks to the pleasant, familiar atmosphere, I can precisely and more accurately do my job.


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