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Budapest Dental Services

Basic treatment

Every new treatment is started first with a fully comprehensive status examination.
It consists of the following steps:

The goal of the panorama X-Ray is not only the status examination of the sore tooth, but also the examination of the whole jowl and the maxillary sinus. This way doctors can see the incidental cysts or other inflammations that can affect the whole body.
Following the above – depending on the patient's status – specialists give a recommendation about the removal of tartar, the extraction of the tooth, implantation or the preparation of crowns/bridges and dentures.

Sleepless sedation

(Master Flux Automatic AS 3000)

Dental "antiphobia" and analgesing machine

Patients, who need dental services, are usually afraid of the dental treatment, so there is an increasing need not only for the painless treatment, but also for the fearless and phobia-proof one.

The relaxing gas decreases the patient's fear and phobia of a dental treatment.

This gas relaxes the patient by which:

Rate between nitrogen-oxidul and oxygen can be set with Master Flux sleepless sedating machine arbitrarily (0-70%) accordingly to the patient's need.

Using of Master Flux is absolutely safe. Pure dinox gas cannot be transferred into the lung since oxygen controls the flow of gases.

Master Flux can also be used in the case of sickness or urgency: inhalation with oxygen or assisted breathing is possible.

Dental clinic in Budapest

Dental Implant Hungary, Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental implantDental implants are fixtures of titanium that are directly attached to your jawbone. Dental implants can last a lifetime and are an excellent investment in oral health. Once anchored in place, your dental implants can be used to replace a missing tooth, an entire set of teeth, bridges or partial dentures. Implant dentistry is the modern method of replacing missing teeth. Research shows that 85 percent of people who wear full or partial dentures experience some related discomfort and difficulty. Dental implants can eliminate those problems, restore self-confidence and improve the quality of life.

In what kind of circumstances is implantation possible?

At what kind of illnesses is implantation not recommended?

What is the age limit for an implantation and how permanent it is? Implantation is always possible, if general health permits and adequately thick bones are available. Through correct treatment and well-made implantation, carried by the prosthetic root, permanency has no limits.

Can allergy or bad headaches occur because of the dental implants?

Dental implantsImplants are made of high purity titanium. This metal has a special biological property and the bone can join to it. There is no published occurrence of implantation related allergic or tumor degeneration in the technical literature. Its surface is covered by a stabile compound, titanium-oxide. This compound does not dissolve in bodily fluids, therefore it does not enter into reaction with the immune system either. If the implantation technique and structure are correct, implants can serve for a lifetime.

Can implants fall out?
Bad hygiene in the mouth, the fur and tartar deposited on the implant similarly to natural teeth can cause illnesses. These can involve stripping in the prosthesis root.

Our implant system is PITT-EASY BIO-OSS, German made. For more information about it go to www.oraltronics.com


Tooth whitening, teeth whitening, bleaching

Why are teeth colored?

About the treatment:
Teeth will whiten appreciably after the first night in almost every case. At first, we examine the status of your teeth and palate. We scale and polish the surface of teeth as needed to remove dark contamination that has been deposited externally.
Then a thin transparent film guide is prepared on the gypsum sample of the denture. This guide fits accurately but leaves the neighboring palate free. It is not uncomfortable to wear this guide, thus it you can use the whitening gel while sleeping.
The custom fit guide guarantees that whitening is effective only at the predetermined areas.
Usually a significant whitening is achieved by the third day, after which the effect becomes slightly slower. Usually 8 - 10 days are required to reach the desired end state.

Whitening of individual teeth:
Whitening is available not only for the whole denture, but also for individual teeth or tooth-groups. This way we can balance the color of root-treated, colored teeth and dark eyeteeth to their neighborhood.

Can fillings or bridges be whiten?
Unfortunately not. It is practical to consider the color at the preparation of prosthesis and fillings, so that they are in harmony with the new tooth color.

How long the whitening effect will last?
Usually whitening is effective for years. Naturally, it depends on the person and the consumed food.

What can we do to prevent the next coloring?
We can decrease the coloring by consuming less coffee, tea, red wine or other colour containing food, and by cutting back on smoking.
Light color of the teeth can be maintained by one-two day long "reminding" whitening from time to time.

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