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Quality & Guarantee - Budapest dentist Our dental surgeries have introduced ISO 9001:2002 Quality Management System that meets EU regulations. This costy and complicated monitoring system guarantees that all materials and technologies we use are compliant with EU regulations, while we also obsere all steps and controll all processes.

Our surgery also guarantees the quality work of the dental laboratory that we cooperate with.

The above mentioned means that we can offer a significantly longer warranty period on our works than is usually accepted.

Smile / Budapest dentist guaranteeHowever the warranty covers only technical errors as warranty against illnesses does not exist yet.

The quality of our work will be apparent to our patients quite soon during use. Eventual problems of the material will be discovered already during the first wo months. However, we ensure a significantly longer warranty period on the materials we use.

Budapest dentist guarantee As we have experienced in the past, there occure problems with our works only extremely rarely within warranty period thanks to our highly professional experts both in the surgery and in the dental laboratory. Should your denture need reparation or to be changed during warranty period after all, we will naturally do it with pleasure. As a first step, please, contact us in order to find out the ideal solution for the problem.

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