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Budapest Dentist Quality

Budapest dentist quality

Our quality lies on four major pillars . Highly educated and experienced specialists, high-quality, most up-to-date instruments, high-quality materials and quality certified system of services.

Budapest dentist - Budapest dental onilneThe oral examination performed by a dentist, the evaluation of photos made by an intraoral camera and the orthopantomography, ensures that our patients will get a close picture of the the state of their masticatory apparatus and teeth . This is followed by preparing a treatment plan, which also gives detailed information to the patients regarding the timing and costs of each necessary procedure.

Budapest dentist In the dental surgeries of Budapest Dental Online we use the most up-to-date instruments for examination. Our surgeries are equipped equally well as the best Western European surgeries. We are following the development of dentistry in the world continuously, as it is our goal to provide our patients with the most modern treatments at all times.

All materials we use are produced in Western Europe, the United States and Japan.

All our surgeries have the ISO 9001 quality management system which is a European guarantee for the continuous and constant high quality and safe treatments.


Computer Network - Dental program

We aim to work according to the rules of accurate and regular performance. Quick, effective and accurate communication between dentist patient reception makes the work go quicker and eliminates possibility of errors. In order to achieve this we use a special computer system for registering patients, dental status, for preparing treatment plans and suggestions, for making and storing diagnostic charts.

Digital camera

Our aim is to meet our patients aesthetical requirements. For this the original state, the different work stages and the results of the treatments need to be registered. Storing data in a computer allows you to evaluate and double-check the aesthetical works thoroughly. This contains significant pieces of information both for patient and doctor.

Intraoral camera

Modifications in the mouth are pictured with digital cameras so the patients can not only see the pathological modifications but can get detailed information on the planned treatments and the expected results with the help of our dentists..


Before preparing an accurate treatment plan the state of the mouth and the areas around it need to be mapped. All the teeth, the mandibular joints, maxillary sinus, both the lower and upper jaws etc. are visible on an orthopantomography. The dentist needs to see everything that would remain invisible during an ordinary mouth examination!

Intraoral X-ray

Accurate and quick x-ray pictures can be made simply in the chair at the stage of planning or treatment (e.g. root canal therapy, extraction of teeth) when you want to detect the state of a certain tooth.


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