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Budapest dentist locationThe highly qualified dentsist team of Budapest Dental Online set it as a goal to provide you a direct connection to your future dentist - without involving an agent - and thus enable you to correspond directly with him or her regarding your complaints within the field of dentistry and to tell him/her your requests. That is why this page presents you a selection of the best dentists and ISO 9001 certified dental surgeries in Budapest whose quality of services and equipments are continuously monitored.

Thank you for your trust and interest in Budapest Dental Online's activity.

Apparently your attention, too, has been drawn by the reports that there exists a small EU member country that can still offer you what many people in your country might only dream about...a beutiful smile, beautiful and healthy teeth for a reasonable price.

On this page we present you the possibilty of a pleasant journey that not only allows you to get to know Hungary and Budapest, but also to solve your for a long-time planned dental problems.

Please, consider that our offer is not simply economical, but you can account the costs of the dental treatment performed in Hungary with your insurance company based on the bill we issue .


Budapest Dentist Team

Budapest dentists in hungary: Budapest dentis We are proud that Hungarian dentists are considered highly educated, sought-after experts throughout the European Union. Hungarian dental education is famous world-wide not without reason. Hungarian experts are continuously looked for in your country, as well in order to solve healthcare issues together with them on a high nieveau.

A dentist has to concentrate on only one or two areas if he or she wants to stay an always up-to-date expert. That is why there are various specialties within dentistry, such as aesthetic dentistry, prosthodontia (fixed and removable partial denture), oral surgery, endodontics (science dealing with root canal therapy), peridontology (science dealing with peridontal diseases), orthodontics, gnathology etc.

High-quality and complete treatments can only be fulfilled by a interdisciplinary cooperation between the above mentioned areas. Budapest Dental Online has organised teams of highly qualified dental specialists, university instructors and doctors who regularly attend medical trainings, and besides we constantly ensure the technical background neccessary for a high quality performance.

Naturally you will have your own dentist who carefully coordinates your treatment, however if a specialist is needed to carry out a step in your treatment, your personal dentist will arrange and supervise it for you, then afterwards he or she will take it back and continue your treatment.


Dr. Csongor Suba

Dr. Csongor Suba - Budapest dentistSpecialized in preparing crowns, bridges, inlays and dentures with registering the mandibular joint, as well as the conservative treatment of complaints concerning mandibular joint (malfunctions – grinding of teeth, pressure, clicking, head-, ear-, neck-, shoulder-, or backache etc. An indispensable condition of adequate prosthetic dentistry meeting high aesthetic requirements is accurate functioning, the assurance of “joint correct” position.

The whole denture is prepared with a special - reversible thermalplastic - material (Ex 3 N) and imprinting technique. The main point is that the edges of the denture are located with the help of the muscular system. Aesthetics and functionality are guaranteed by individual design and registration of the mandibular joint.

His PhD researches are performed in the Dental Surgery Clinic of Semmelweis University in Budapest. He has published a number of publications abroad and in Hungary as well.

Languages: English, German, French


Dr. Adrienn Biczó

Dr. Adrienn Biczó - Budapest dentistAfter graduating from university, she improved her theoretical and practical experience as an intern at the Clinic of Conservative Dentistry for a year.

Her area is endodontics, and while practicing it, she uses the freshest techniques and instruments.

Besides she was one of the firsts to apply ozontherapy in treating caries.

She is also experienced in preparing inlays, crowns and partial restorations.

She attends medical trainings regularly and also applies the knowledge she gains there.

She speaks English.

She is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber and the Hungarian Association of Endodontics .


Dr. Zoltán Bikfalvi

Dr. Zoltán Bikfalvi - Budapest dentistBefore studying for a dentist, he had worked as a dental laboratory technician for years, thus he has got a great experience in preparing aesthetical and well-functioning dentures. Moreover he is an expert in ozontherapy, which has been recently introduced in Hungary. His other specialties are conservative dentistry, more specifically aesthetical (invisible) fillings and endodontics. He is a member of the Odontologist Section of Hungarian Medical Chamber. He is a regular participant of medical trainings and so he applies the newest treatment techniques.


Dr. Imre György Borzási

Specialized in oral surgery and dento-alveolar surgery.

Dr. Imre György Borzási - Budapest dentistHe is a specialist doctor for Hungary at Friadent Gmbh- Ankylos implantation system (implantation of artificial tooth root) and therefore holds numerous medical trainings and gives lectures regularly . He is a member of the Board of Supervision directors of the doctors of District I and the Chamber of Dentists in Budapest, committee member of the Odontologist Section of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, founder member of the Information Technology Committee of the Hungarian Medical Chamber; member of the local, county and national delegate assembly of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, an invited lecturer at the Oral biology Department of Semmelweis University. Besides he is the author of a number of national and international professional publications, posters, popular preventive informational press materials and participates in TV programmes .


Dr. Lili Kozák

Dr. Lili Kozák - Budapest dentistAfter graduating from the university she worked as an intern at the prosthetic dentistry clinic of Semmelweis University for 2 years doing theoretical and practical works and also giving lectures.

Her area is prosthetics, preparing crowns, bridges and inlays. Besides, during her years at the clinic she gained experience in making complete and partial removable dentures, combinate dentures, and in treating patients with clefts.

She is a regular attendant of medical training lectures and applies the knowledge gains at these occasions.

She speaks English.

She is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber.


Dr. Éva Várnagy

Dr. Éva Várnagy - Budapest dentistShe graduated from the Medical School of Pécs in 1988. She had been an instructor at the same university for 13 years, then became an instructor at Semmelweis University in Budapest for 3 years.

First she became a board certified general dentist, afterwards she earned the board certification in conservative dentistry and prosthetics in accordance with EU regulations and with excellent results.

She is expert in endodontics (root canal therapy), aesthetic dentistry (metal-free inlays, shells, crowns). Establisher of ozontherapy, took part at numerous trainings both abroad (Bratislava, Prague) and in Hungary.

She attended the conservative dentistry department at the university in Liverpool for a year.

She had participated in theoretical and practical trainings in endodontics in Switzerland several times, then actively contributed to the introduction of endodontics in Hungary by holding a number of lectures and practical courses.

She has participated in theoretical and practical trainings in Ireland as well.

She speaks English .

She is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, and the Hungarian Association for Endodontics.


Dr. Mária Csillag

Dr. Mária Csillag - Budapest dentistSpecialties: Aesthetic dentistry (tooth whitening, preparing shells, aesthetic inlays and crowns), endodontics, preservative dentistry and ozone dentistry.

She is a university instructor, a university assistant as well as a researcher at the Preservative Dentistry Clinic of Semmelweis University. She gives university lectures, holds practices and professional trainings in English, German and Hungarian. Takes part in international dental conferences with lectures and posters. Her publications can be read in professional journals both in Hungary and abroad. Beside getting the general dentistry board certification in 2000, she has also taken the EU special examination in prosthetics and preservative dentistry with excellent results.

She did her practice in Germany and Norway. Her PhD degree is to be obtained in 2006. She is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, the Hungarian Society of Endodontics and the European Society of Endodontics.


Dr. Katalin Csizmadia

She graduated from Semmelweis University in 1977. Afterwards she became a general dentist then later on she specialized in aesthetic dentistry, more exactly in preparing porcelain shells, complete porcelain crowns and porcelain inlays. Regularly attends trainings and conferences in Hungary and abroad as well. She participated in various practical trainings abroad, e.g. in Germany and Italy among others. She speaks English, Russian and French. She is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber and the Hungarian Society for Aesthetic Dentistry (1998), where she is a co-founder as well.


Dr. Gabriella Nyíri

Dr. Gabriella Nyíri - Budapest dentistSpecialized in aesthetic dentistry (tooth whitening, preparation of shells, aesthetic inlays and crowns), endodontics, conservative dentistry, children’s dentistry and ozondentistry. She is a university instructor and instructor assistant and researcher at the Conservative Dentistry Clinic of Semmelweis University. She holds university lectures and practices, medical trainings in English and Hungarian. She participates in international conferences with lectures and posters. Her articles are published in international professional journals. She passed the exam in general dentistry in 2001 then later on she achieved excellent results according to EU rules in prosthetic and conservative dentistry. She had practical training in Germany. Currently she is a PhD student with a state scholarship. She is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber and the Hungarian Society of Endodontics and the European Society of Endodontics.


Dr. Péter Szilágyi

Dr. Péter Szilágyi - Budapest dentistGraduated in Debrecen in 2002. He is a specialist is conservative and prosthetic dentistry. He is especially experienced in preparing aesthetic fillings, inlays and bridges, and also practiced in tooth whitening and endodontics.

Within prosthetics he concentrates to combination works and complete dentures.

He has got experience in dento-alveolar surgery, like for example coronal denudation and plastic surgery of the gingiva.

He is a regular participant of medical trainings.

He speaks English.

He is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber.


Dr Éva Jakó

Dr Éva Jakó - Budapest dentistShe graduated in 1998 and got the board certification in 2002. Her specialty is aesthetical restoration (aesthetic fillings, metal-free restorations, shells, crowns), endodontics (root canal therapy).

She treats children with pleasure.

Regularly participates in training lectures and practices.

She speaks English and Romanian.

She is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber.


Dr. Szabolcs Mayer

Dr. Szabolcs Mayer - Budapest dentistHis specialty is dento-alveolar surgery and prosthetics. He has used Replace system, a product of the world’s leading producer of implants, Nobel Biocare (Swedish) for years. He has gained experience on several study tours (e.g. Malta, Cologne), which he also utilizes in his work in Hungary.

Beside the above mentioned, he is also an expert in other areas of dento-alveolar surgery, like root resection by tooth, hemisection of tooth, excavation and removal of wisdom tooth.

Other areas that he has got experience at are: removable partial combination dentures in prosthetics and metal-free restorations.

He is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber and the Hungarian Society of Dentists.


Dr. Inga Szucs

Dr. Inga Szucs - Budapest dentistHer specialty is prosthetic dentistry, more closely preparing of aesthetic restorations (metal-free inlays, crowns and bridges), treatment and splinting of loosened teeth. She is an expert at laser treatment. Participates regularly in medical trainings, conferences and practices in Hungary.

She speaks Russian and English.

She is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber.

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