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Budapest dentist Why should you choose a Budapest dentist? Heal your teeth in Hungary.
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Why you choose a Budapest dentist?
Heal your teeth in Hungary.

While the saving on treatment factor is evident dental treatment on abroad always arise the following big concerns:

  • Confidence in the dentist
  • The quality of the dental treatment
  • The comfort of staying in Hungary
  • The speed of the healing process
The Budapest dental medic faculty of the Hungarian Semmelweis University is a legend in Europe. The last 15 years the (Budapest) Hungarian dentists and their Budapest dental clinics reached the same professional level in terms of knowledge, equipments and materials as the Western-European ones. They use the similar equipments than ones in your country. Many of our dentists have several years practice in one or more European countries and they speak in English, German or Italian. As you probably know, the Hungarian hospitality is famous. During the period the Budapest dentist heals your teeth, you can also explore our lovely city.

There are many hotels and apartments in Budapest with different level of services and prices of course, so you can be sure that You will find the best accommodation for you. Unlike the usually long waiting for the treatments in many other countries, you can book a date with your selected dentist to the next week.

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Budapest dentists in hungary: Budapest dentis Budapest dental treatment under comfortable circumstances without disturbing factors.

The highly qualified dentsist team of Budapest Dental Online set it as a goal to provide you a direct connection to your future dentist - without involving an agent - and thus enable you to correspond directly with him or her regarding your complaints within the field of dentistry and to tell him/her your requests. That is why this page presents you a selection of the best (budapest) dentists and ISO 9001 certified dental surgeries in Budapest whose quality of services and equipments are continuously monitored.

Dental Expert Clinic
Free accommodation, free transfer!
High quality cosmetic dentistry, implants, porcelain crowns & bridges

The Dental Expert Clinic carry out a full range of affordable cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns and bridgework, dentures, inlays, root canal treatments, tooth whitening, dental hygienic treatment with the highest quality and more, since 1995. At our state-of-the-art equipped dental clinic, you can find all technical equipment like comfortable multifunctional chairs, fiber-optic instruments, soft laser for the healing of the 'mucous membrane', panorama X-ray and conscious sedation equipment to help our specialists in their work and to take care of our patients' comfort. A digital X-ray diagnostic system and oscular (oral) video camera are at the disposal of our dentists for consultation and preventive examinations, during treatment as well as for control check-ups. If you like, you can see your dental status on the monitor!

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